PRO 7250

Your reliable connection to your drivers and vehicles

  • Best-in-class navigation
  • Connects to WEBFLEET® via TomTom LINK
  • OptiDrive 360 support
  • Optional fuel efficiency management
  • Logs mileages driven


Best-in-class navigation technology

TomTom Traffic* - Always know the fastest way to your customers.

Interactive Map - Put the world at your drivers' fingertips.

Lifetime Maps - Ensures your fleet always drives with the latest map.

3D Maps - Your drivers will always know exactly where they are.

IQ Routes - The fastest routes and most accurate ETAs.

QuickGPSfix - Your drivers can start navigating in seconds.

Advanced Lane Guidance - Extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.


* Requires a subscription

Connected to WEBFLEET® online fleet management via TomTom LINK enables:

OptiDrive 360 - Real-time feedback and advice promote safe and efficient driving.

Order management - Manage orders on your device.

Messaging - Two-way text communication between drivers and the office.

Tracking - Always know where your vehicles are.

Logbook - Keep accurate and reliable mileage records.

Working time - Record working hours with a fingertip.

LINK.connect - Enrich existing office systems with real-time data from your mobile devices out in the field, such as barcode readers, digital pens and more.


Connection to WEBFLEET® only when used with a compatible TomTom LINK.


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