PRO 7350

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Best in-class navigation & fleet management Driver Terminal

Can connect to LINK 410LINK 510LINK 710.

  • Best-in-class navigation and traffic
  • Connects with LINK for fleet management
  • Send route from WEBFLEET to driver
  • Messaging and orders for workflow efficiency
  • Logs work, mileage, and business/private mileage status
  • OptiDrive 360 driving behaviour support
  • Simple and fast updates via Wi-Fi
  • Optional add-on OBD II plug for fuel efficiency management and OptiDrive 360


Best-in-class navigation technology

Webfleet Solutions Traffic* - Always know the fastest way to your customers.

Best-in-class navigation - See the fastest routes and get accurate ETAs.

Order management - Manage jobs and send instructions easily.

OptiDrive 360 - Active driving feedback and advice encourages better driving.

Logbook - Keep accurate and reliable mileage records.

Working time - Log working hours with a simple tap on the screen.

Messaging - Two-way text commu­nic­ation between drivers and the office.‚Äč


 Technical specifications

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Battery Life Up to 1 hour autonomous operation
SD slot Up to 32 GB microSD
Internal memory 16 GB internal flash memory
Screen size 5” (13 cm) touchscreen
Screen type 16:9 Capacitive widescreen
Screen resolution WVGA
Device Size 145 (W) x 90 (H) x 20 (D) mm
Device Weight 220 grams
Map Coverage All EU countries EU 45
Connectivity Only in combination with LINK - Bluetooth 2.1


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