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Live customer information is invaluable for our business

Leons Coach Travel is one of the UK’s leading tour operators. Based in Staffordshire the company provides coach holidays throughout Europe as well as a great variety of cruise and air travel holidays to suit any budget.

A family-owned establishment, Leons Holidays are dedicated to providing customers with a fantastic holiday experience from start to finish.

The Challenge

Leons Coach Travel customers would enquire where the coaches were if they were on their way or had been delayed making improving the customer experience the focus for Leons Coach Travel.

The Solution

Installation of tracking to all coaches and full system training for key users at Leons Coach Travel.

The Results

Real time vehicle tracking, backed by Google maps gives Leons Coach Travel invaluable information including location, status, speed and direction. The ability to answer customer enquiries improved the customer experience.

The reporting tool highlighted to Leon Coach Travel where vehicles were being left idle for long periods of time. This enabled them to educate drivers and in turn reduce business costs and harm to the environment.

Leons Coach Travel are also using the driving style reports to address and correct poor driving behaviour with its employees, including harsh braking, acceleration and speeding data.

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